2017-2018 Socorro HS TSA Chapter Officers

Congratulations to the 2017-2018 Socorro High School Chapter TSA Officers.



Briana Olivares

Briana Rae Olivares

I am a Senior and joined this organization my freshman year. I joined TSA because I heard all of the competitions that were available to me, and what TSA had to offer. I wanted to become an officer because I want to make a difference in TSA and improve the overall experience for members. When I graduate high school I plan to go on to college to major in Pre-Med. I am currently a member of DECA, FCA, NTHS, NHS, KEY Club and Socorro High School Varsity Orchestra.



Ezequiel Salas

I am a senior and joined TSA in my sophomore year. I joined because I was already involved in the engineering program so I just decided to join and also the chance to compete against others also piqued my interest. The reason why I became an officer was that I wanted to help and lead the other students in TSA. I am highly interested in computer science and plant to study it in college, specifically artificial intelligence or cyber security.


Destiny Huerta

Hello, I’m Destiny Huerta and I am a junior. I had joined TSA my freshman year and it has been such a great experience. I decided to join TSA since i had wanted to try anew thing, and with trying out this new thing it has became much more than an organization, but more like a family. With my position of being secretary I will do my duty to serve minutes and keep track of discussion in each meeting.


Lesly Solis

I am currently a senior and I joined TSA my junior year. I decided to join because my classmates and my teachers would always talk about it and it seemed really interesting and fun. Now that i am part of the TSA family I would like to help out our members and focus in my duty to record all the funds we make.


Amanda Sandoval

Hello, I’ve been in TSA since my freshman year. The reason I joined TSA was because one of my friends told me all the amazing competitions they have to offer… it truly has something for everyone! I’m extremely excited to be entering my third year in TSA and capture ever fun moment as your new reporter. 🙂

Sergeant At Arms:


Rebecca Hernandez

I am currently a senior and joined TSA my sophomore year it was because I wanted to make it known to others that  TSA is not just about engineering or robotics there are other topics that go into this association , graphic design and illustration, audio and video production also form a big part of TSA. I became an officer with the goal of breaking boundaries between classes that are not related to each other making them work as one to make TSA better.