Season is finally here!

First row: Gabriel Rubio, Julian Garcia, Frankie Chavez, Joshua Munoz, Manny Galaviz, Mathew Hagelsieb

Second row: Mr. Quintana (Advisor) Yareli Antillon, Christian Arzaga, Saul Barraza, Isai Trejo, Gabriel Castro

Teams 9150 and 9150B have been working diligently in the development of the two robots that will be representing Socorro High School in the Starstruck field.


TEAM 9150

Mission Statement:

Supersede last year’s expectations while innovating design and technicality.


  1. Make everyone comfortable with hands-on building 2. Team building 3. Have fun and be our best.

TEAM 9150B

Mission Statement:

To bridge the gap between known and unknowns of engineering concepts through the journey of trial and errors.


1. To find an area in which an individual can thrive and comfortably master 2. To be able to come together as one when necessary 3. Guiding newcomers

Veteran Frankie Chavez and Senior Joshua Muñoz (team 9150B) during practice runs.
Senior Joshua Muñoz (team 9150B) working on robot.

Saturday, January 21, 2017 – FIRST VEX HOSTED BY CLINT HIGH SCHOOL


Socorro Tech Dogs competed in the first robotics competition of the season hosted by Clint High School. Over 24 schools competed and Socorro HS took home some metal! Congratulations to Teams 9150 A and 9150 B!


9150A: Gabriel Rubio – Christian Arzaga – Isai Trejo – Manuel Galaviz – Mathew Hagelsieb

1st Place and Excellence Award

9150B: Raymundo Chavez – Saul Barraza – Julian Garcia – Yareli Antillon – Joshua Munoz – Gabriel Castro

2nd Place